The Netherlands has ranked within Spain’s top 10 of importing companies

Spain has access to the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, with numerous large ports and a merchant fleet. Spain borders France on one side, and Portugal on the other. It is therefore, an important commercial route within western Europe. This unique location makes Spain very attractive to foreign investors. 


The predominantly Mediterranean climate is also very attractive, with mild winters and hot, dry summers which encourage visitors and potential customers to many businesses.

Besides being a country that offers a great quality of life, Spain offers many business opportunities and is a focus country for international investors. As a full member state of the European Union, the entire European market is easily accessible. Spain has a highly developed economy, skilled workforce, and is politically stable, which are key ingredients for success.

For the past five years, the Spanish economy has experienced one of the strongest rates of GDP growth in the European Union, which makes it the most dynamic within the EU. Spain’s economy is the ninth largest worldwide and the fifth largest in Europe according to the World Bank. Investors could hardly wish for a more advantageous business environment. Also, in the space of 40 years the Spanish tourism industry has grown to be the second largest in the world.

Economic bilateral relations between Spain and the Netherlands are close. Both countries are important trading partners to each other. The Netherlands is one of the largest investors in Spain. A large number of Dutch companies are active in Spain with their own branches or participations.

The Netherlands has ranked within Spain’s top 10 of importing companies. Spain ranks seventh place in size of exports to the Netherlands.  When it comes to exporting, new Dutch activities are mainly found in the service industries, innovative technology, ICT, financial sector. Increasingly, the welfare and elderly care sectors have increased in size and importance, due to Spain’s aging population..

Spanish Business Support

Development opportunities

The overall profile of Spain offers numerous benefits for foreign businesses. Spain acts as a stepping-stone to economic activities from the Netherlands to Latin America and North Africa.

Understanding Spain and its value in Europe is crucial to successfully doing business in Spain. Doing business in Spain effectively requires knowledge of the country’s business culture and its national mentality.

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