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Do you want to be successful doing business in Spain, Latin America or India?

We are a consultancy company for Spanish speaking countries and India.

We offer market research, export, partner selection, trade missions, wine events, seminars, Spanish language courses (Business) Spanish.

We work together with Dutch Business Offices, Argentinian fincas (farms) and Spanish vineyards. We can make your Latin business happen!

Our mission is to improve mutual Latin understanding and the way people do business in the global economy.



We are specialised in doing business with Spanish-speaking countries, in both Spain and Latin America. We offer an extensive network in both the Netherlands, Spain and beyond. We have also extended our expertise to India.

SBS promote and support cross-business development in all market sectors.

SBS are a network of entrepreneurs who combine their knowledge, expertise and goodwill.

-Partner selection

-Start up

-Project Management

SBS, your network partner in international business

Promote and support cross-border business development in all market sectors.

Our approach:

International Business? We believe that embowering you with a good command of Spanish will enable you to better facilitate trade contacts, not only with Spain, but also with Latin America. This will increase your sales potential in these important markets. There is every reason to invest in business Spanish training for you and your employees.

SBS have extensive business experience in both Spain and Latin America, and provide business and culture training tailored to these markets.

Business partner Matchmaking Spain & Latin America

Do you have the ambition to grow with your company towards Spanish-speaking countries? The opportunity to export and do business internationally? Are you looking for partnerships in Spain or Latin America? Spanish Business Support (SBS) specialise in abridging the cultural and linguistic  gap between yourself and Spanish-speaking countries. We are active in Spain, Latin America, in particular in Chile and Argentina.

We have chosen to extend our services further to India, mainly because this market is booming.

We are looking for reliable foreign trading partners. For example: importers, distributors, agents, industry organizations or production partners or any other type of organization you would like to contact.

Our strong international network links you to a potential foreign business partner in the country of your choice. You will receive an overview of the possible foreign business partners based on your wishes. The business partner is approached personally by us. If there is mutual interest, you will receive all relevant information and we will discuss together how we can get started and in what period.


The introductory meeting

The following is discussed in the introductory meeting.

Who are you?

Which country are you proposing to do business with, and why?

What is your motivation for doing so?

We will then be able to ascertain how we can tailor our services to your needs, and create a plan of action and time-frame within this can be realised. If you would like to make use of our matchmaking, in advance of one of our wine events, please contact us in time!


Please fill in the form below if you would like one of our consultants to contact you. We would be glad to elaborate further on the services we offer. If you are looking for a foreign business partner, a telephone appointment can be organised with SBS to determine what your needs are. After this conversation you can give the assignment and a business partner will be sought.

Your investment

The telephone conversation is an introduction, without obligation. You will then receive a quote with an explanation of the work and a forecast. You will receive an overview of potential business partners in the country of interest and a response to your proposal.



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Did you know that……

… SBS also provide master classes in Spain?

… We also provide business Spanish courses

… Is famous for its Buenos Aires Business Bootcamp which introduces you to several interesting companies

… We are even active in the Indian market

… Business Matchmaking, master classes, wine events

… We have Ebooks that will get you started quickly