There are a number of lesser known cities within its interior like Mendoza, Cordoba and Rosario, which are equally as magnificent.

Agriculture is an indispensable pillar of the economy. A substantial part of the countryside is used for faming cattle and livestock. Argentina is renowned worldwide for its prime beef, grains and soya. The government have encouraged and stimulated local industry, thus expanding production and services, thereby securing its pivotal role on the global stage as an international player.


Argentina has a highly skilled and qualified workforce. It’s abundance of a natural resources, long-standing tradition of technological and industrial development, and offering a comprehensive and modern infrastructure-network, form a solid basis for its competitiveness.

Most business is concentrated in the capital city Buenos Aires, with its modern business infrastructure that reaches international standards.

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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires! Dance the Tango, visit the Boca Juniors football club in the colourful neighbourhood of La Boca, stroll past the stalls of the market in San Telmo, and dive into the vibrant nightlife until the early hours! Welcome to the ‘Paris of South America’!

During your stay in Buenos Aires, you will quickly discover how the capital of Argentina earnt its name.  The city centre is up there alongside Paris, New York, London or Madrid, when it comes to pomp and grandeur. As a small taster, Buenos Aires  modelled its parks on those found in Paris. Add a little bit of tango, or world class DJ, and Buenos Aires show’s itself off as being unequalled anywhere in the world.



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